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I went in to have cool sculpting on my stomach after I had surgery that left my stomach looking a bit fatty. They advised it would be about a 25% improvement after 2 treatments. The doctor and staff were very nice and checked in throughout the treatment. It was cold and slightly uncomfortable for a few minutes then it was just numb for the rest of the treatment. I did see a difference after the first treatment. The 2nd I didn’t really see much of a difference from the first but overall I am happy with it.*

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I had such a great experience at the Aesthetic & Vein Center in Salem. I am sure it is the same staff in Nashua. Every staff member I came in to contact with was extremely friendly and welcoming. Dr. Miller is fantastic. He is clearly an experienced, caring doctor.

I went in to the Aesthetic & Vein Center for lip fillers. I had never had them before. I did tons of research on places and even went for another consultation (which was HORRIBLE) at a place in Chelmsford, MA — I’m so happy I did not end up going there. I was recommended a few years ago to Dr. Miller by a co-worker. Although the Salem office is about 40 minutes from my house, it is well worth the drive. My consultation was comfortable.

Dr. Miller was very gentle through the whole procedure. He explained everything as he did it. He made sure I was aware of what was happening, and why he was doing it. I did not receive any numbing cream, because Dr. Miller uses a local anesthetic before he uses the filler. It really was not too painful at all. You can tell that he knows what he is doing and is highly experienced. Lyne was assisting during the procedure and she was very comforting. She rubbed my shoulder during the injections and it was actually really nice!

It is now the day after and I do not have any bruising, and minimal swelling. Dr. Miller wanted to make sure my lips looked natural and not fake. I really appreciate that. I hope he agrees to do more in a few months ;)*

Anonymous (RealSelf®)

This will be my first experience with Coolsculpting. I’ve previously been treated for depression and the medication has unfortunately made me gain weight. I’ve been eating well (salads, fruits, etc.) and staying active (exercise 5 days/week). Yet I am still struggling with unwanted fat in my mid-section. So I’ve decided to try this procedure.

Prior to the consultation, I was nervous because it’s a big decision and a large purchase. Laurie, the Aesthetic Coordinator, took me into a private room and we went over what my goals were and how many cycles that would include. We decided on 2 cycles: on the lower abdomen in the shape of an overlapping V. Then Dr. Miller came in to assess. He was very professional who let me explain what I was looking for without interrupting. He then looked at my tummy, lower abdomen and upper, and spoke with Laurie about how to apply the cycles. They worked together and toyed with the idea of including my upper abdomen but looked at the bigger picture and saw that it was hidden well in the present curves of my waist. He agreed on the 2 cycles in the shape of a V.

I then threw a wrench into it and said I was unhappy with my outside hips as well. He explained to me how it wasn’t really my hips (somewhat of an illusion) and that it stemmed from my lower back. He pulled back the parts he was trying to explain in the mirror and I saw what he meant. It would have looked off if it was placed on my hips. So he decided I could benefit from an additional 2 cycles; one on either side of my lower back.

After he left, Laurie went over the pricing. She didn’t push me into getting my back done but rather showed me what the cost would be and let me make my own decision. They had a June special for $100 off the procedure, so it came out to be $2800. She said if I came again in the future, I’d get a discount for any cycles.

My appointment is scheduled for tomorrow after work just for my tummy with the option to do my back as well if I feel like it. I’m quite nervous and keep looking at everyone’s results hoping that those will be my results as well.

I’ll keep everyone updated on my progression!*

B. Gailinas (RealSelf®)

I just turned 24 and have been considering Botox for well over a year. Deep forehead lines run on either side of my family and I have an extremely expressive face so I’m trying to do all I can to prevent lines from forming. I wear spf 50 daily and have a good skincare routine so I decided to look in to getting Botox in my forehead and between my brows to help. I found Dr. Miller whose office is close by and after a consultation I’ve decided to book an appointment. He’s extremely thorough so far and answered every question I had. One of my biggest requirements was that the doctor not over-inject me and before I could even bring that up he specified he would be doing the minimum amount of units on me. I believe it’ll be 8 in my forehead, 24 in between my brows, and 3 on either side of my brows. I’m nervous but also very excited to see the results. I’ll update probably the day off or the day after the procedure.*

Anonymous (RealSelf®)

I am over-joyed with my results! I am so happy that I chose Dr. Miller and his team to help me with my blemish on my lip. I’m happy to report that the blemish is gone and it was an easy procedure, just like Dr. Miller said it would be.*

Carrie S.
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